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University of Oregon

English Majors named to the Winter 2014 Dean’s List

Congratulations to the English Majors named to the Winter 2014 term dean’s list!

Each term, the University of Oregon names its top students to the dean’s list in recognition of their academic achievements.

During the 2013 fall term, 1,465 UO students qualified for this honor.

The dean’s list is compiled for fall, winter and spring terms. To qualify, a student must be an admitted undergraduate and complete at least 15 credits for the term; 12 of the 15 credits must be graded with a GPA of 3.75 or better.

Total undergraduate enrollment for the term was 20,808. English Majors named to the dean’s list:

Jessica Abbe
Emily Adamiak
Sophia Albanis
Lauren Amaro
Zea Botelho
Amy Carr
Alexandra Carthew
Sage Cruser
Neil Davidson
Mallory Davis
Dean Dier
Maya Dworsky
Samantha Elwood
Ronald Emick
Claire Goodman
Alison Goodwin
Miranda Grocki
Taylor Heggen
Ethan Jacot
Victoria Kerkhove
David Lendrum
Sarah Libby
Zoe Livelybrooks
Elizabeth Lytle
Dellen Miller
Shannon Moffett
Paulina Myszkowski
Katlynn Nicolls
Jeanne Panfely
Sean Pebler
Peter Rice
Samuel Rodgers
Breanne Schnell
Rikki Scott
Christine Senavsky
Grace Shum
Phillip Smith
Priscilla Sol
Grant Susman
Dylan Thompson
Erin Weaver
Christine Webb
Chelsea Woodman
Kiana Yandell
Emily Zwier