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Digital Humanities Minor feature in the Daily Emerald

DHLogo600x600PX72-300x300Digital Humanities is a new minor offered by UO English, focusing on literary study through digital culture. Read more in the Daily Emerald story, “New Digital Humanities minor could combine literary culture with modern technology.”

English has a new minor in DH!

The transformation of the printed word into digital formats changes how and why we read, what we write, where and how we find books, and how we preserve our cultural heritage. Physical books and manuscripts remain part of our research, but are now complemented by new multimedia publishing platforms and research methodologies popularly identified as, “the Digital Humanities” or DH.  Students who minor in DH will not only consider the relationships between old and new media forms, but will have opportunities to create multimedia projects to help visualize, publish, and analyze the texts we study.

For further details about the DH minor see our webpage.

The following courses will count for the DH minor and will be offered in Winter 2018


ENG 250         Literature and Digital Culture                                      Simnitt E

(Satisfied Arts and Letters Group Requirement)


CINE 230        Remix Cultures                                                           Sirois A

CIS 110           Fluency with Info Tech                                               Hennessy M

CIS 111           Intro Web Programming                                             Hennessy M

CIS 122           Intro to Programming and Problem Solving               TBA

CIS 199           Sp St Intro Data Science                                             Wilkins D

CIS 210           Computer Science I                                                     Freeman Hennessy

ENG 110         Intro to Film & Media                                                 Graman C

ENG 260         Media Aesthetics                                                         Miller Q; Gopal S

ENG 381         Film, Media, Culture                                                   Gopal S

ENG 486         New Media and Digital Culture                                  Fickle T

GEOG 482      GIS Science                                                                Kohler N

GEOG 490      Top Citz Sci & Geosnso                                             Schmidtke H

MUS 227        Elements of Electronic Music                          Hatakeyama A

*Independent Studies or Applied/Engaged/Public Humanities courses arranged with faculty and submitted to the DH Advisory Board for Approval