Centering Black Literature and Culture in the Classroom: An Interview with Dr. Barter

Centering Black Literature and Culture in the Classroom: 

An Interview with Dr. Barter 

By Lauryn Cole 


Did you know that the English Department has a myriad of professors dedicated to the study of African American literature and Black Studies? I thought that Black History Month would be an appropriate time to introduce you to some of them in the event you have not had the opportunity to take one of their phenomenal classes. My name is Lauryn and I have been working with the UO English Department social media for about a year now, as an English major, the president of the English Undergraduate Organization, and member of Sigma Tau Delta. Highlighting and interviewing professors invested in this type of literature is relevant not only for myself because I am constantly in search of expanding the scope of literature I consume, but because it is valuable for students interested in the department to learn about their professors' passions and projects.  

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