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University of Oregon

Requirement-satisfying Winter term ENG courses with open spots

10349944_425902167556903_3610227624159589777_nThere are still a few requirement-satisfying Winter term ENG courses with open spots!

ENG 199: Introduction to Queer Literature (English LD elective, also counts toward Queer Studies minor), Prof. Brilmyer

to Queer Literature! Counts toward ENG lower division elective.

What does it mean to call oneself gay? lesbian? homosexual? queer? Where did these words come from, and how do their differing meanings reflect a history of changing conceptions of gay and lesbian culture? How does language—and literature specifically—shape sexuality and sexual politics? This course will take a historical approach to the study of gay and lesbian literature and culture. It will consider how shifting definitions of homosexuality, under different guises and different terms, have shaped our understanding of what it means to be LGBTQ today.

ENG 211: Survey of English Literature (A & L, English LD elective), Prof. Green

ENG 211 is the second in a two-part chronological survey of the principal works of English literature from its beginnings to the present. ENG 211 covers the period from 1789 through the present, concentrating on major representatives of Romanticism, Modernism, and Post-Modernism. The course incorporates a rich variety of works in prose, poetry, and drama, and attends closely to philosophical, political, and cultural events that run parallel to developments in English literary history. Students will sharpen their interpretive, analytical, and argumentative skills through class discussion and critical writing assignments based on the course reading. ENG 211 provides students with a broad knowledge of English literary tradition and satisfies the university’s Group Requirement in the Arts and Letters category. The survey of English literature courses, ENG 210 and 211, may be taken individually or as parts of an integrated sequence.

ENG 410/510: Queer Productions II (English major UD elective), Prof. Miller

This course explores the collaborative work of creating queer spaces, queer social relations, queer archives, and queer art objects. We will examine this work by re-producing television history, especially the queer, trans, straight, and cis plot lines of programs like “All My Children” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Reading assignments and discussions focus on melodrama and soap opera; theories of queer world-making and queer cultural production; filmmakers including Malic Amalya, Kenneth Anger, Michelle Citron, Shirley Clarke, Cheryl Dunye, George Kuchar, Mike Kuchar, Marie Menken, Barbara Rubin, Jack Smith, José Rodriquez-Soltero, and Andy Warhol; and particularly on film, video, and multimedia artists involved with “underground” queer productions.

467: American Literature 1900 to the Present (English major 1789+), Prof. Whalen

This course provides a survey of American literature since 1900 with a focus on American literature in the world. We consider what happens when American writers (and characters) travel, how American writers use cultural and linguistic resources from around the globe, as well as what America and characteristically American themes look like from the outside. Topics covered will include what is involved in processes of translation and cultural exchange; how race in America is understood across the world; how moments of political crisis or war can become occasions for international artistic collaboration; and the experience of being an immigrant and a tourist in America in Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. Writers covered will include Edith Wharton, Claude McKay, Ezra Pound, James Baldwin, Elizabeth Bishop, and Azar Nafisi.

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