Tara Fickle Quoted in NBC News Article

  For many Asian Americans, graphic novels are way to explore history, fight racism

Graphic novels can have the same intimacy as diaries, one author said. “Issues of identity can be so emotionally fraught, so it makes sense to talk about them using a visual medium.”

From the NBC News article: 

Tara Fickle, an associate professor at the University of Oregon who teaches Asian American literature and comics, said the growth of graphic memoirs can be partly attributed to the “coming of age” of certain Asian American subgroups that haven’t “historically received as much attention in mainstream narratives,” including the children of refugees, mixed-race Asian Americans and transracial adoptees.  

“Graphic novels are part of a larger contemporary media landscape where we see debates over minority representation and self-authorization play out,” she wrote in an email. “Asian American graphic novelists have developed brilliant ways to expose and critique the microaggressions and everyday reality of growing up Asian American, as well as the broader historical and systemic forces that determine their specific racialization.”

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