Meet Our English Alumni: Ulrick Casimir

Meet Our English Alumni: Ulrick Casimir

Casimir started his higher education journey at North Carolina State University and acquired an MFA in Creative Writing at University of North Carolina in Greensburo before coming to Eugene for a Ph.D. in English. At the time he was enrolled as a student here, the cinema studies program was still housed in the English Department and this thesis drew heavily from the intersection of the two disciplines. His courses continue to interrogate the overlap and complications that arise from this crossoverespecially in his Noir course for the Clark Honors College.

In the term I’m writing this (Spring 2022), Professor Casimir is teaching ENG 365, “Global Literatures in English.” His favorite courses to teach span a few departments including English, of course, but also Cinema and Creative Writing. He continues to bring the primary works from his dissertation into his classroom whenever possible.

According to Casimir, the favorite story he’s ever worked on came to him in a dream. “Stories come to people in different ways. It could be something you pick out of the air, something you hear, something you see. It’s rare for me to have a story come out of nowhere and hit me in the face. A story called “Phantom Power”, which has recently been accepted to an anthology, was a challenge for me in terms of rendering. But I woke up at 3 in the morning gasping for air and had to write down as much of the stories as I could.”

“What I try to communicate to my students is that this work is fun (nerdy fun) but it’s also work. It’s about developing a discipline for the disciplineyou will get out of it what you put into it.” - Ulrick Casimir

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