ENG 106 - Intro to Poetry

UO English 106

ENG 106: Introduction to Poetry
Professor Anna Carroll
CRN 41845
ASYNC WEB (7/18 - 8/14)
4 Credits

This course takes readers on a journey through the history of one of the world's oldest forms of artistic expression: poetry. From the battlefields of classical epics to the stages of slam poets, from the Japanese haiku to the Italian sonnet, from Shakespeare to Kendrick Lamar, this class will give students an overview of enduring poems and fresh approaches to lyricism and style.
We will read together, practicing valuable interpretation skills, and students will have chances to put their knowledge to use both in their own poetic attempts and in multimodal scholarly analysis. This class is about knowing where poetry comes from so that we can appreciate how it is alive and well in all kinds of non-traditional places.
Students need no prior education in poetry--just open minds and enthusiasm.