Projected Seminars

PROJECTED SEMINARS IN ENGLISH, 2019-20 (subject to change)

Fall 2019

ENG 615: Advanced Studies in Literary Theory: Theory in the 21st Century, Tres Pyle

ENG 620: Medieval Literature: Gift Theory and Early Medieval Literature, Stephanie Clark

ENG 660: American Literature: Digital Humanities, Tara Fickle

ENG 690: Introduction to Graduate Studies, Mary Wood

ENG 691: Composition Theory: Rhetoric, Past and Future, Jim Crosswhite

ENG 695: Film Studies: Film & Modernity, Michael Aronson

Winter 2020

ENG 645: 18th-Century Literature: Revolution, Sovereignty, and Liberty, Gordon Sayre

ENG 660: Contemporary Black Fiction, Courtney Thorsson

ENG 670: Popular Modernisms, Paul Peppis

ENG 695: Film Studies: Trans Media Studies, Quinn Miller

Spring 2020

ENG 614: Introduction to Literary & Cultural Theory, José Cortez

ENG 615: Advanced Studies in Literary Theory: Ecocriticism, Stacy Alaimo

ENG 630: Renaissance Literature: Poetry and Poetics, Brent Dawson

ENG 660: American Literature: Native American Modernisms/Modernities, Kirby Brown