Projected Seminars


Fall 2018

ENG 608: Publication, Lara Bovilsky [for PhDs finishing coursework]

ENG 608: Job Search, Mark Quigley [generally for PhDs in final year of study]

ENG: 612 GE Composition Seminar II, Kara Clevinger and Nick Recktenwald

ENG: 613 GE Composition Apprenticeship, Kate Myers

ENG: 620 Rumor and Scandal in Medieval Culture, Martha Bayless

ENG: 660 Environmental Justice Cultural and Literary Studies*, Sarah Wald

ENG: 660 Cultures of Leisure, Henry Wonham

ENG: 690 Introduction to Graduate Studies, Mary Wood

ENG: 691 Politics of Culture*, José Cortez

ENG: 695 Transnational Genre Films, Dong Hoon Kim

Winter 2019

ENG 607: Comics Studies, Kate Kelp-Stebbins

ENG 608: Publication, Mary Wood [for PhDs finishing coursework]

ENG 611: GE Composition Seminar I, Emily Simnitt [generally for first-year MAs and PhDs]

ENG 613: GE Composition Apprenticeship, Carolyn Bergquist

ENG 630: Race Theory and Early Modern Culture*, Lara Bovilsky

ENG 645: The Black Atlantic: Literature, Theory, History*, Elizabeth Bohls

ENG 650: Archival Interventions, Heidi Kaufman

ENG 650: Bodies, Humans, Persons, Citizens, Faith Barter

ENG 670: Cultures of American Modernism, Mark Whalan

Spring 2019

ENG: 613 GE Composition Apprenticeship, Kate Myers

ENG 614: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory, Brent Dawson

ENG 620: Chaucer and Pedagogy, Anne Laskaya

ENG 660: 20th-Century Fiction, David Li

ENG 660: Studies in Race and Ethnicity*, Sharon Luk

ENG 660: Young Adult and Children’s Literature*, Elizabeth Wheeler

ENG 670: Irish Modernism*, Mark Quigley

Courses marked * qualify as meeting requirements for the Politics, Culture, and Identity graduate specialization.


PROJECTED Seminars IN ENGLISH, 2019-20 (subject to change)

ENG 607: The Commons: An Environmental Humanities Perspective*, Stephanie LeMenager

ENG 607: Problems in Comics Studies: Theory and Methodology,  Ben Saunders

ENG 615: Theory in the 21st Century, Tres Pyle

ENG 620: Early Medieval Economies of Personhood/Medieval Gift Theory, Stephanie Clark

ENG 630: Making People: Renaissance Poetry and Poetics, Brent Dawson

ENG 645: Revolution, Sovereignty, and Liberty”*, Gordon Sayre

ENG 660: Autobiography and Memoir*, Mary Wood

ENG 660: Black Visual Culture*, Shoniqua Roach

ENG 660: American Indians, Modernity, and Modernism(s),* Kirby Brown

ENG 660: Contemporary Black Fiction”*†, Courtney Thorsson

ENG 660: Asian American Literature*†, Tara Fickle

ENG 670: Popular Modernisms, Paul Peppis

ENG 691: Rhetoric – Past and Futures,  Jim Crosswhite

ENG 695: Media Studies, TBD


Courses marked * qualify as meeting requirements for the Politics, Culture, and Identity graduate specialization.
Courses marked † will contain substantially different content from prior versions of the course.