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University of Oregon

2017-18 Graduate Course List

Please note that the courses listed in the schedules on the following PDF pages are subject to change. The official schedule of classes is on Schedule of Classes (DuckWeb).

Graduate Level Courses and Seminars

Fall 2017:          Seminar Descriptions

ENG 607 Energy Humanities LeMenager, Stephanie
ENG 608 Workshop: Job Placement – ABD students only Peppis, Paul
ENG 608 Workshop: Publication Bovilsky, Lara
ENG 613 GTF Comp Apprentice
ENG 650 19th Century British Culture: Image of Feeling Pyle, Forrest
ENG 660 Race, Nation, & Belonging in the Ethnic American Bildungsroman. Brown, Kirby
ENG 690 Introduction to Graduate Studies Bovilsky, Lara
ENG 691 Kenneth Burke Gage, John
ENG 695 TV Aesthetics Ovalle, Priscilla