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University of Oregon

2016-17 Graduate Course List

Please note that the courses listed in the schedules on the following PDF pages are subject to change. The official schedule of classes is on Schedule of Classes (DuckWeb).

Graduate Level Courses and Seminars

Fall 2016:          Seminar Descriptions

ENG 608 Workshop: Job Placement Quigley, Mark
ENG 612 Composition: GTF Seminar II Gershow, Miriam
ENG 613 GTF Composition Apprenticeship Gershow, Miriam
ENG 615 Theory of the Novel Li, David
ENG 660 American Literature: Realism Wonham, Harry
ENG 690 Introduction to Graduate Studies Bovilsky, Lara
ENG 690 Introduction to Graduate Studies Laskaya, Anne
ENG 691 Composition Theory: Reason, Writing, and Culture Crosswhite, James
ENG 695 Queer TV Studies  Miller, Quinn
FLR  681 History of Folklore Theory & Research Wojcik, Daniel

Winter 2017:      Seminar Descriptions

ENG 607 Seminar: Shakespeare and Levinas (Inside/Out)
Shankman, Steven
ENG 611 Composition GTF Seminar I Bergquist, Carolyn
ENG 613 Composition GTF Apprentice Gershow, Miriam
ENG 630 Shakespeare and Pedagogy Bovilsky, Lara
ENG 645 The Black Atlantic: Literature, History, Theory Bohls, Elizabeth
ENG 660 American Literature: Ecocritical Approaches to Race & Ethnicity Wald, Sarah
ENG 660 American Literature: Teen & Children’s Lit Wheeler, Elizabeth
FLR 684 Folklore Fieldwork Gilman, Lisa

Spring 2017:       Seminar Descriptions

ENG 608 Workshop: Teaching Literature  Bohls, Elizabeth
ENG 613 GTF Composition Apprenticeship Gershow, Miriam
ENG 620 Trauma and Middle English Texts Laskaya, Anne
ENG 660 American Literature: Race and Ethnicity Luk, Sharon
ENG 670 Writing Poetry in a Time of Revolution: W.B. Yeats and Seamus Heaney Quigley, Mark
ENG 670 American Modernism Whalan, Mark
ENG 695 Theories of Media Gopal, Sangita
FLR 610 Theory of Performance Studies Gilman, Lisa