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University of Oregon

2015-16 Graduate Course List

 Please note that the courses listed in the schedules on the following PDF pages are subject to change. The official schedule of classes is on Schedule of Classes.
Fall 2015 Expanded Descriptions
Fall 2015 ENG 608 Workshop: Job Placement Quigley, Mark
Fall 2015 ENG 612 Composition GTF Seminar II Gershow, Miriam
Fall 2015 ENG 613 GTF Composition Apprentice Gershow, Miriam
Fall 2015 ENG 620 Topic: Medieval Popular Narratives Bayless Martha
Fall 2015 ENG 650 Topic: 19th Century Archival In(ter)ventions Kaufman, Heidi
Fall 2015 ENG 660 Topic: Secularization in the American Renaissance Rossi, William
Fall 2015 ENG 670 Topic: Popular Modernisms Peppis, Paul
Fall 2015 ENG 690 Introduction to Grad Studies English Bohls, Elizabeth
Fall 2015 ENG 695 Film Studies: Media Aesthetics Ovalle, Priscilla
Fall 2015 FLR 681 History & Theory of Folklore Research Wojcik, Daniel
Winter 2016 Expanded Descriptions
Winter 2016 ENG 607 Seminar: Medical Humanities & Life Writing Wood, Mary
Winter 2016 ENG 607 Composition GTF Seminar I Bergquist, Carolyn
Winter 2016 ENG 613 GTF Composition Apprentice Gershow, Miriam
Winter 2016 ENG 620 Topic: Chaucer & Boccaccio Ginsberg, Warren
Winter 2016 ENG 645 Topic: Beggars’ Operas Then & Now Dugaw, Dianne
Winter 2016 ENG 650 Topic: Eliot & the Science of Description Brilmeyer, Pearl
Winter 2016 ENG 660 Topic: Latina/o Speculative Realism & Env Justice Vazquez, David
Winter 2016 ENG 691 Aristotle’s Rhetoric and Poetics in 20th & 21st Centuries Gage, John
Winter 2016 FLR 684 Folklore Fieldwork Gilman, Lisa
Spring 2016 Expanded Descriptions
Spring 2016 ENG 607 Seminar: Environmentalism & Public Humanities LeMenager, Stephanie
Spring 2016 ENG 608 Workshop: Teaching Literature & Film Laskaya, Anne
Spring 2016 ENG 613 GTF Composition Apprentice Gershow, Miriam
Spring 2016 ENG 614 Intro to Literary & Cultural Theory Pyle, Forest
Spring 2016 ENG 615 Advanced Studies in Literary Theory: Affectivities Pyle, Forest
Spring 2016 ENG 630 Topic: Shakespeare’s Contemporaries Rowe, George
Spring 2016 ENG 645 Topic: Library of Life: Species, Reproduction, Extinction Sayre, Gordon
Spring 2016 ENG 695 Film Studies: Silent Film Aronson, Michael