Vanessa Farfan awarded Fall 2019 Kirby Award for best graduate seminar paper

The English department is pleased to announce the winner and runners-up for the quarterly Kirby Award for the best essay in a graduate seminar for Fall 2019.

The winner of the Fall 2019 Kirby Award is:

Vanessa Farfan, "Rhetorical Virtues and Vulnerability: Toward a Pedagogy of Listening in the Composition Classroom," written for Jim Crosswhite's seminar ENG 691 Composition Theory: Rhetoric--Past and Futures.

Congratulations also to our other nominees:

Raye Hendrix, "Deaf Spectacle: Confrontations of Precarity and (De)facement in Ilya Kaminsky's Deaf Republic" (Wood, ENG 690: Introduction to Graduate Studies)

Megan Butler, "Gifts, Commodities, and Polar Bears: Unstable Gifts and the Vanishing Bear" (Clark, ENG 620: Gift Theory and Early Medieval Literature)

Elliott Elliott, "The Un-Event Horizon: The Lastness of Entropy and Affect" (Pyle, ENG 615: Advanced Studies in Literary Theory)


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