Multicultural and Core Ed

Multicultural and Core Ed courses focus on race and ethnicity in the United States by considering two or more racial and ethnic groups; or examine the social construction of collective social identities and voices; or study world cultures in critical perspective, or analyze worldviews that differ substantially from those that prevail in the present-day United States.


Miller, Quinn

This course develops critical reading and research skills. It introduces technical vocabulary for analyzing the form of moving image texts in the study of media aesthetics. We address material objects and cultural history related to media technology, looking at print culture, audiobook, still... (read more)


Wheeler, Elizabeth (Betsy)

One could say that most comics are about the human body, in all its variations, exaggerations, erotics, poses, powers, and vulnerabilities. This course looks at the human body in contemporary comics with particular attention to disability and gender. We’ll read 4 comics genres: anime, memoir,... (read more)