Kirby Brown Awarded the Norman H. Brown Fellowship

CAS recognizes Professor Brown for excellence in teaching and scholarship

Associate Professor Kirby Brown was recently named one of two recipients of the 2019-2021 Norman H. Brown Faculty Fellowship in the Liberal Arts. Brown Fellows are selected by the College of Arts and Sciences on the strength of their teaching and their capacity for superior scholarship.

Professor Brown researches and teaches courses in Native American literature produced between the late nineteenth century and the Native American Renaissance in the 1970s. His current projects explore the range of literary techniques featured in Native American modernisms, especially in the work of poet, educator, and activist Ruth Muskrat Bronson (Cherokee). His recent teaching endeavors have included courses on Race, Nation, and Modernist Form in the Ethnic American Bildungsroman (ENG 365) and Contemporary Indigenous Women's Writing (ENG 361).

The Brown Fellowship comes on the heels of several other successes for Professor Brown, including the publication of Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Cherokee Writing, 1907-1970, a powerful debut monograph that explores four indigenous writers' efforts to remember, imagine, and enact Cherokee nationhood between the beginning of Oklahoma statehood and tribal reorganization in the early 1970s.

Please join us in congratulating Professor Brown on this wonderful accomplishment!