Declare the English Major

Thank you for continuing your story with us in the English major. To declare, please do the following:

  • Fill out the fields below and press the submit button.
    • Submitting the form will forward your information to Karen McClain, the English Undergraduate Secretary.
  • Schedule an advising appointment with Dr. Corbett Upton, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies.
    • This appointment is a requirement for becoming a major. You are not fully enrolled until you have finished this step.
    • This meeting will give you more information about the structure of the major, the kinds of classes you will be able to take, and the academic and professional opportunities awaiting you in the English department.

If you are dropping the major, please fill out this form accordingly.  No exit interview is necessary.  

Ex: 95#######

Even though you are dropping the English major, you may be close to completing the 24 credis of approved course work for an English minor.    For more information about the minor requirements, please see 

Note: You cannot declare a BS