ENG695 201901 Graduate

Fall 2019
ENG 695
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Film Studies: Film & Modernity
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“Modernity,” as an expression of changes in so-called subjective experience or as shorthand for broad social, economic and cultural transformations, has elicited vigorous discourses that have attempted to construct, define, characterize, analyze and understand it. Although cinema, as it emerged in the late nineteenth and early 20th century, constituted only one element in an array of new modes of technology, representation, spectacle, distraction, consumerisms, mobility and entertainment it (arguably) became the fullest expression and combination of modernity’s diverse attributes. This seminar will analyze the development of cinema and modernity at their points of reflection and convergence. We will (of course) watch movies as well as juxtapose the work of scholars in a variety of disciplines in the hope of bridging the divide between the history of cinema and the history of modern life. No prior cinema studies training is required, and interdisciplinary work is more than welcome.