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Winter 2018
ENG 630
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Renaissance Literature: [Topic]

Brent Dawson

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In formulating her theory of vital materiality, Jane Bennett claims Renaissance philosophy as a “touchstone.” The desire to return to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries has been a recurrent pattern in the new materialisms and ecocriticism. This course follows the contours of that desire by pairing its focus on early modern literature with contemporary theory engaging materialist ideas. By taking the course, students will gain a sense of the importance of materialism to Renaissance literature, an introduction to important critics and issues in new materialism and related fields, and a sense of how and why studying historical periods can lead to theoretical innovation. Authors will include Lucretius, Spenser, Herbert, and Hutchinson; theorists include Bennett, Agamben, Marder, Arendt, and early modern critics engaging materialism and ecocriticism.