ENG620 201801 Graduate

Fall 2018
ENG 620
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Medieval Literature: Medieval Rumor and Scandal

Martha Bayless

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  • Title: Professor, English
  • Additional Title: Director, Folklore and Public Culture
  • Phone: 541-346-3930
  • Office: 344 PLC
  • Office Hours: S20 Email and I will respond within 24 hours
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This class will look at the cultural and literary significance of tales normally overlooked by modern scholarship: the legends, rumors, and scandals of medieval England and Wales.  These informal stories are the medieval equivalents of internet memes and conspiracy theories, TV tabloid journalism, and "fake news."  We will examine their relation to cultural anxieties, “effort after meaning,” and the love of sensation. Primary texts include odd tales harbored in chronicles and medieval biography, as well as stories of adventure and the supernatural, against the backdrop of more canonical works.  Secondary literature will include scholarship on folklore, oral tradition, the sociology of rumor, and the neuroscience of memory.