ENG614 202003 Graduate

Spring 2021
ENG 614
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Introduces students to a number of the most important and influential developments in 20th-century literary and cultural theory. Graduate seminar.

Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory

José Cortez

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  • Title: Assistant Professor
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  • Office: 319 PLC
  • Office Hours: F21: TUES/THUR 11:30-12:30
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This course will provide students an overview of the dominant strands of contemporary theoretical discourse relevant to multiple areas within the Humanities. The objective of the course is to provide introductory knowledge in these intellectual discussions and to facilitate their incorporation into work produced at the graduate level. Readings will include foundational texts in deconstruction, postcolonialism, and political theory, as well as a sampling of more recent work in new areas of study. Students enrolled in this course are expected by the end of the semester to identify and demonstrate basic competency in at least one of the theoretical discourses discussed in seminar. Course requirements include weekly response papers, active participation, individual class presentations, and a final essay (10-15pgs.).