ENG613 201603 Graduate

Spring 2018
ENG 613
Applies To: 
GTF Comp Apprentice
Department Section Description: 

Prospective Composition GTFs who have completed or are currently enrolled in ENG 611 spend one essay-cycle (up to five weeks) working with a mentor teacher in a WR121, WR122 or WR123 classroom. The apprenticeship is set up to complement the theoretical work in ENG 611 with practical experience for teaching WR courses. Grading option is P/NP only. The apprenticeship is made up of these activities: • Begin attending your mentor’s WR class on the first class session of the term. • Attend one full essay cycle of classes, thereby accumulating 12-15 hours of observation. You may stop attending after essay 1.2 is handed in or at the end of Week 5, whichever comes first. • Attend the general apprentice meeting on Wednesday April 4, 5:30-6:20pm, 448 PLC. • Complete the Plan for Apprentice Participation with your mentor during Week 1. • Teach one class session under the mentor’s supervision. • Observe 3 student conferences (3 individual conferences or 1 writing circle) • Observe two additional composition classroom meetings taught by two different composition teachers. • Schedule a conference with Miriam to discuss your apprenticeship and your draft syllabus. • Complete a 1-page reflection on the apprenticeship • Write a sample syllabus for WR 121 in consultation with your mentor teacher and Miriam.