ENG608 202003 Graduate

Spring 2021
ENG 608
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Workshop: Dissertation Politics, Culture, Identity
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Instructor: Staff

In this course, currently dissertating students in the Politics, Culture, and Identity graduate specialization meet regularly with a faculty mentor to learn techniques for successful and contented writing and goal-setting. Students share goals, learn to plan at different timeframes, collectively trouble-shoot and mentor, and celebrate successes. Positive accountability and personal experimentation help produce mature scholarly practice and productivity, and convert common negative feelings about writing into confidence and accomplishment.

Workshop: Colloquium: Politics, Culture, Identity
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Instructor:  Staff

In this colloquium, each student will attend at least three and ideally four lectures from a list of eligible events. We will meet three times to discuss the lectures students attended; the final meeting will include opportunity for methodological reflection related to students’ own research and field. Students discuss the methodological approaches gleaned from the talks, how they appear to resemble and vary from those of their own disciplines (as they apply or construe those disciplines), and how arguments can be structured and expressed.