ENG608 202001 Graduate

Fall 2020
ENG 608
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Workshop: Job Search

Mark Quigley

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  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-1340
  • Office: 324 PLC
  • Office Hours: S20 W 2-4, R 4-5 Available in Zoom ID/Meeting Room 470-446-9397
Department Section Description: 

This workshop is designed to de-mystify the academic job market and help you develop application materials for post-doctoral fellowships, academic jobs, and other kinds of positions that can draw on the skills and experience you have been developing during your graduate studies. 


For the most part, the workshop will be “hands-on” with a lot of ongoing discussion and editing of work in small groups and via individual consultation. The workshop will prove most useful for those who are in the last stages of the Ph.D. or have recently completed the Ph.D and are planning a job search soon. But it can also be useful for familiarizing oneself with the job search process and thinking about how to position oneself and one’s work as one thinks about searching for a job in the near future. 

In addition to preparing application materials, we will develop individual search strategies and prepare for interviews and campus visits.

Workshop: Publication

Mary Wood

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  • Title: Professor
  • Additional Title: Director of Graduate Studies
  • Phone: 541-346-3010
  • Office: 445 PLC
  • Office Hours: S20 M 1-3 & TR 12-2 via email
Department Section Description: 

Taken during the final year of doctoral coursework, this workshop will familiarize students working on the journal article requirement with basic practices related to publication: revision/expansion of essays; rhetorical forms and structures of essays; selection of journals; submission to journals; revision and resubmission; and, on the journal side, how editors and reviewers read and respond to submitted drafts. The workshop will also help students hone some best practices for organizing, sustaining, revising, refining, and enjoying your writing and your approach to writing. 608 is a 1-credit workshop usually taken in conjunction with a 5-credit 605 or 503 course.