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Spring 2018
ENG 607
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Secret Identity Politics: Transmedia Economies and Postmodern Subjectivities

Ben Saunders

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  • Title: Professor
  • Additional Title: Director, Comics and Cartoon Studies Minor
  • Phone: 541-346-0062
  • Office: 273 PLC
  • Office Hours: S20: R 2-5; email the week before to set up viritual appointment during office hours
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The origins of the modern superhero are generally located in comic books of the 1930s, but the concept quickly migrated to radio, film, and television.  The first transmedia superhero franchises were centered on white, male, and (officially) straight protagonists, but there have been many attempts since to reimagine superheroes in more inclusive ways.  Ramzi Fawaz traces these efforts back to the Marvel Comics of the 1960s, arguing that the speculative possibilities inherent in those comics opened the door to more racially diverse and queer-friendly modes of popular fantasy.  But others have argued that the ideology of the superhero genre is irredeemably capitalistic and conservative: overdetermined by a rigidly binary conception of morality, and shot through with problematic representations of gender, race, nation, and class.