ENG579 202003 Graduate

Spring 2021
ENG 579
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In depth study of one to three major authors from medieval through modern periods. Repeatable three times.

Major Authors: Toni Morrison

Courtney Thorsson

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In this course, we will study selected writings of Toni Morrison in their historical, political, and literary contexts. In addition to Morrison's work as a novelist, we will consider her work as a literary scholar, editor, and advocate for and representative of contemporary African American literature. We will work to contextualize her fiction and non-fiction writings in relationship to the writings of her contemporaries, Black feminism, the increased visibility of African American women writers in the late-twentieth century, and the African American literary tradition. The goal of this course is to help you engage with African American literature, improving your writing, reading, and critical thinking skills in the process. This class requires substantial reading and writing and vigorous participation.