ENG579 201903 Graduate

Spring 2020
ENG 579
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Major Authors: Henry Thoreau

William Rossi

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This course could be called “The Thoreau You Don’t Know.”  Although commonly known as an insufferable hermit, a strange guy who turned his back on society in order to imagine he was better than everybody else, the real story of Thoreau’s Walden project and the way it intersected with his larger life and literary career is far more complicated and far more interesting.  To understand how, in this course we will undertake an in-depth study of Thoreau’s twenty-year career as writer, transcendentalist, naturalist, environmental philosopher, and abolitionist.  Besides Walden, our readings will include “Civil Disobedience” and other social reform essays; travel narratives to the Maine Woods and Cape Cod; natural history essays; and selections from his poetry and remarkable Journal.