ENG568 201902 Graduate

Winter 2020
ENG 568
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Ethnic Literature: Black Rebellions

Faith Barter

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  • Title: Assistant Professor
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  • Office: 320 PLC
  • Office Hours: S20: Not teaching this term, available by email
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Wherever slavery existed, there were those who resisted it, many of whom paid with their lives. This course examines the literature of Black rebellions in the African Diaspora from the 1700s and 1800s. By reading accounts by and about Black rebels and revolutionaries, we will consider how the literature and discourse of Black rebellion shaped traditions of Black radicalism as well as U.S. American notions of democracy and civil rights. Our work will include the study of rebellions and revolts ranging from the Haitian Revolution to Nat Turner’s Southampton Rebellion to the Amistad. We will consider literature and journalism documenting these events as they occurred, as well as some contemporary fiction, poetry, and graphic novels that re-imagine and re-mediate these narratives. The culmination of the class will be a collaborative digital project on a rebellion of the class’s choosing.