ENG410 201803 Undergraduate

Spring 2019
ENG 410
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Women in Law & Literature

Faith Barter

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  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-1510
  • Office: 320 PLC
  • Office Hours: Winter term: TUES 1:45-3:45pm
Department Section Description: 

Feminist Jurisprudence provides an analysis and critique of women's position in patriarchal society and examines the nature and extent of women's subordination. It explores the role of law in maintaining and perpetuating patriarchy. This course will trace literary representations of women over several centuries, focusing both on how women have been excluded from full participation in the social, political, and economic life of the societies in which they lived, and on their efforts to achieve autonomy. We will practice intersectionality in this course, meaning that in considering the effect of patriarchy on women, we will simultaneously consider how oppression operates with respect to race, class, sexuality/sexual orientation, ability, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and other categories that make certain populations more vulnerable to specific types of discrimination.


Old Major: E-Folklore, Ethnic & Women's Literature

Folklore/Ethnic/Women’s Literature courses focus on works  in Folklore, ethnic American writing, and writing by women.

F-Gender/Ability/Queer Studies/Sexuality

Gender, Ability, Queer Studies, and/or Sexuality courses focus on the ways that issues of sexuality, gender, queerness, and disability are represented, critiqued, and developed in media and literature.

English Minor

English Minor courses offer students centuries of cultural experience and representation in poetry, prose, drama, film, TV, new media, and folk artifacts.  The English minor can focus and extend the values of a liberal arts education, while also providing extensive training in writing, speaking, and critical thinking.