ENG407 202101 Undergraduate

Fall 2021
ENG 407
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Seminar: Writing for Comics

Mat Johnson

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  • Title: Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-0547
  • Office: 207 Alder Bldg.
  • Office Hours: S21 Tuesday 2:15-4:15
Department Section Description: 

In this seminar, we will examine the form of sequential art we call comic books. The course is composed of two parts: close reading of landmark graphic novels and comics, and writing of original comic scripts. Throughout the term, we will examine a wide variety of groundbreaking graphic novels, both domestic and international. Script writing will focus on construction of story in general, and visual storytelling in particular. Submission of visual or written creative sample required.

This is a creatively oriented class over the length of which you will be required to produce original comics on strict deadline. Seating will be limited and in order to be considered for registration you must submit some examples of your prior comics work for assessment.

You must email this work (as scans, PDFs, or a link) to Professor Mat Johnson at mrjohns6@uoregon.edu by May 21 at the latest. Please Use The Subject Line: Writing For Comics Sample.

You are asked to submit at a minimum either 2-3 newspaper style strips, or 3-5 single panel cartoons, or 1-2 pages of full-page comic art. If you have lots of work to choose from, you may submit more than the minimum. For example, if you have worked in more than one of these forms, you may submit examples of each; and if you have published work in Art Ducko or some other campus or online venue, you may submit that work for consideration. But if you do have a large cartoon/comics portfolio already, please try to limit yourself to the very best examples: your ten best strips and/or cartoons, or five strongest sequential pages.

All drawing styles, from stick figures to photo-realism, will be considered. Please confirm whether you have junior or senior status when you submit your work. Please remember to submit your samples by no later than 5/21/2021; submissions received after this date will not be considered. You will receive notification as to whether you have approval to register for the course by no later than 5/24/2021.



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