ENG407 201902 Undergraduate

Winter 2020
ENG 407
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Representing War

Kate Kelp-Stebbins

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  • Title: Assistant Professor
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How can artists ethically represent war? Are certain media predisposed to certain kinds of narratives and interpretations of war? Do films, comics, photographs, and prose stories create different political and emotional effects? How do our cultural frames change the way that we understand “enemy,” “conflict,” and who is grievable or killable? In this course we will explore these questions by investigating how war is represented in contemporary and historical literature, graphic narratives, documentaries, and animated films that depict combat zones and lives affected by war. We will use theory from Susan Sontag, Ariella Azoulay, and Judith Butler as well as readings such as comics journalism from Joe Sacco, graphic memoir from Thi Bui, short stories by Aleksandar Hemon, and films by Alain Resnais and Ari Folman to develop critical frameworks for analyzing the ethics of representing war, armed conflicts, and the pain of others.This is a cooperative course that requires your full attention and participation. You are responsible for coming to class fully prepared every day. I expect you to arrive on time, having completed the readings and assignments, and to be ready to share your ideas and to engage in all group work and activities. The ideas presented in activities and readings build on each other,so it’s important to keep up. You can expect me to be supportive, enthusiastic, helpful, and understanding. You can also expect me to challenge you to critically analyze written and visual texts andtodevelop ideas in your writing.