ENG399 201802 Undergraduate

Winter 2019
ENG 399
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Special Studies: Writing Associates Development

Kate Myers

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  • Title: Career Instructor
  • Additional Title: Director of Writing Associates
  • Phone: 541-346-1533
  • Office: 266 PLC
  • Office Hours: Fall term: MW, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Department Section Description: 

ENG 399 Writing Associates Development is a variable-credit, hybrid, companion course designed to support tutors in ENG 404 Internship for Writing Associates. The course focuses on the professional development of the Writing Associates and their continuing study of the practice and ethics of tutoring. To these ends, the course 1) provides individualized development opportunities toward each student’s educational and professional goals; 2) engages students in both theories and praxes of tutoring, teaching, and other writing-related fields, extending the pedagogical work begun in WR 312 Principles of Tutoring; and 3) complements the ENG 404 Internship with practical support, peer- and near-peer mentoring, and self-reflection on the tasks of tutoring. In pursuit of these components, this course prioritizes inquiry, invention, and experimentation. It values reflection, empathy, and peer-support as key elements of development. It aims to foster the aspirations of the individual writing associates, the collective learning of this cohort, and the growth of the Writing Associates Program.