ENG399 201801 Undergraduate

Fall 2018
ENG 399
Applies To: 
Sp St Writing Associates

Kate Myers

Kate Myers profile picture
  • Title: Career Instructor
  • Additional Title: Director of Writing Associates
  • Phone: 541-346-1533
  • Office: 266 PLC
  • Office Hours: Spring term: TR 11-12:30, or by appt.
Department Section Description: 

ENG 399 Writing Associates Development is a variable-credit, hybrid, companion class to ENG 404 Internship for Writing Associates. As such, content will be delivered both in person and online—but this is not the extent of the course’s hybridity. It is a kind of guided, self-directed, collaborative, independent study, work-in-progress project pursued by a cohort of peers who bring a variety of perspectives, purposes, and prearranged levels of engagement to the work of the course. ENG 399 will engage students in both theories and praxes of tutoring, teaching, and other writingrelated fields. It will accommodate both shared course objectives and students’ individual goals for development, proceeding as both traditional course—with shared outcomes, texts, and assignments— and as a variable-credit, supervised, independent study with variable requirements at each level.