ENG303 202101 Undergraduate

Fall 2021
ENG 303
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Foundations of the English Major: Text

C. Anne Laskaya

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  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-1517
  • Office: 357 PLC
  • Office Hours: Spring 2021: M 2-3:30; U 10-11:30 and by appointment

Forest Pyle

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  • Title: Professor
  • Phone: 541-346-3928
  • Office: 270 PLC
  • Office Hours: S21: Not teaching an ENG course this term, no office hours
Department Section Description: 

The Foundations of the English Major is a two-course series (ENG 303 and either ENG 304 or ENG 305) that introduces students to the discipline of English as it is practiced at the University of Oregon. The series provides English majors with a common intellectual experience and a foundation for future coursework in literary, media, and cultural studies and folklore. Although the Major requires two of the three courses, a student may elect to take all three. (ENG 304 and ENG 305 are offered in alternate years.) ENG 303 is the first part of the year-long Foundations of the English Major series. ENG 303 focuses on the close reading of particular texts. We will study literary and visual texts with a focus on the following questions: how do the verbal, formal, aesthetic, literal, and figurative elements of texts generate their meanings? how do readers draw on those components to understand and argue for interpretations of these texts? how do our conceptions of form change over time and across media? The course will pursue these questions and their answers by conducting intense and close readings of a few literary and visual texts. 


English Minor

English Minor courses offer students centuries of cultural experience and representation in poetry, prose, drama, film, TV, new media, and folk artifacts.  The English minor can focus and extend the values of a liberal arts education, while also providing extensive training in writing, speaking, and critical thinking.

Foundations of the English Major: Text
Foundations of the English Major: Text
Foundations of the English Major: Text
Foundations of the English Major: Text