COLT370 201603 Undergraduate

Spring 2017
COLT 370
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Comparative Comics (World Comics)

Andréa Gilroy

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While many consider comics an American form of popular culture, sequential art is a global medium. Around the world, cultures have developed unique comics traditions with their own rich histories. In “World Comics,” we will investigate a few of these traditions. By examining comics and comics criticism from South America, Japan, France, Italy, and more, we will explore the depth of the comics form as it grows and changes in different social, political, and cultural climates. Together, we will discover a whole world of art and literature hidden in plain sight.


Comics Studies Minor

Comics Studies Minor courses present students with an international, historical, and critical perspective on the art of editorial cartoons, comic books, and graphic novels, and how these forms communicate, inform, and emotionally engage their audiences.  Students will be required to think outside of accustomed disciplinary boundaries, and to analyze and experiment with the interaction of both visual and linguistic systems of meaning.