ART199 201503 Undergraduate

Spring 2016
ART 199
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Special Topic: Drawing Comics: Workshop, Spring Break
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This course is an Introduction to comics & sequential art. Focus will be on fundamental principles of drawing combined with various cartooning methods. Techniques will be introduced for drawing people, buildings, modes of human transportation, and creating scenes based on the language of cinematography. Page design and layout will be also covered. Students will use sketchbooks for traditional observational drawing and will investigate methods of illustrating symbolic imagery. This course will also emphasize content by encouraging students to find their personal voice through the use of self-portraits. Students will be asked to create their own personal narrative using past experiences to provide context for the work. Historical evolution of sequential art and the graphic novel will also be introduced.


Comics Studies Minor

Comics Studies Minor courses present students with an international, historical, and critical perspective on the art of editorial cartoons, comic books, and graphic novels, and how these forms communicate, inform, and emotionally engage their audiences.  Students will be required to think outside of accustomed disciplinary boundaries, and to analyze and experiment with the interaction of both visual and linguistic systems of meaning.