Course Highlight: Women Writers' Forms

This summer, students can examine the concept of “idyllic childhood” through a feminist lens, exploring how women writers use the coming-of-age narrative to illustrate the diverse experiences of growing up in the United States. In ENG 316 — Women Writers’ Forms, interested students will analyze a series of novels by women authors to see how their unique perspectives add to the reality of growing up “girl.” 

In this course, students will discuss concepts of identity, difference, and gender roles in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior, and Helena Maria Viramontes’s Under the Feet of Jesus. In these discussions, students will also have the opportunity to explore the impact these novels have had on active feminist movements, as well as their relationship with these movements today. 

This course fulfills the ENG F: Gender, Ability, Queer Studies, and/or Sexuality and Old Major E: Folklore/Ethnic/Women’s Literature requirements, IP and US general requirements, and upper-level credits for the English minor

Course Details: 
ENG 316 — Women Writers’ Forms 
CRN 41837 

For more information, contact Kara Clevinger. Be sure to check with your English advisor to see how this course fits with your Summer 2020 class schedule!