ENG 104 - Intro to Fiction (Short Stories)

UO English 104

ENG 104 - Introduction to Fiction (Short Stories)
4 credits
ASYNC WEB 6/21 - 7/17
CRN 42283
Professor Eleanor Wakefield

This four-week, asynchronous online course offers students a broad introduction to the study of literary fiction. The course addresses basic questions about the nature of prose narrative and the interrelated activities of reading, writing, and interpretation.
What is a story, and what roles do stories play, for us as individuals and for our culture? What validates a particular interpretation of a literary text, and how do various interpretations contribute to our understanding of a story’s meaning? What is the relationship between the story being told and the language through which we read it?
Students will learn about elements of literary fiction, the stories’ historical and cultural contexts, and lenses we can use to approach and interpret texts in new ways, and students will use that knowledge to write two analytical essays and two less formal reading response papers. Students will also participate in online discussions and annotating exercises with their peers.