Comics Journalism Lecture

Join Professor Kate Kelp-Stebbins, at 6PM, Thursday, October 10, in the Eugene Downtown Public Library for an illustrated talk on Comics Journalism, in connection with Ralph Steadman: A Retrospective at the JSMA

The very idea of using comics—a medium associated with younger audiences, humorous narratives, and lowbrow aesthetics—to produce serious journalism may seem paradoxical, but Professor Kelp-Stebbins explains why comics has become the medium for some of the most innovative and emotionally engaging journalistic work since the late 20th-century. Highlighting comics reportage from areas as diverse as the U.S.-Mexico border, refugee camps in Malta, and army bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, she introduces audiences to the genre of comics journalism and locates Ralph Steadman as a progenitor of the genre by examining his editorial cartoons and his role in establishing the visual language for gonzo journalism.