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River in the Sea

Author: Tina Boscha

Inspired by the life of the author’s mother, River in the Sea is a moving account of one girl reaching adulthood when everything she believes about family, friendship, and loyalty is questioned by war.


Second Nature

Author:  John Witte

John Witte’s poetry collection, Second Nature, teems with expertly realized lyrics, monologues, narratives, and poems based on historical figures from Ovid to Janis Joplin.


The Shape of Reason

Author:  John Gage

John Gage’s book, The Shape of Reason, helps students understand argument as inquiry and teaches critical thinking, writing as reasoned inquiry, and reasoning itself as a natural and informal process’

ford.split gut

Split-Gut Song

Author:  Karen J. Ford

Karen Jackson Ford’s  Split-Gut Song: Jean Toomer and the Poetics of Modernity investigates how Toomer and other modernist writers equated certain poetic forms with specific racial or national identities.


Tales of Henry James

Author:  Henry B. Wonham

Henry B. Wonham and Christof Wegelin are co-editors of the Norton Critical Edition of the Tales of Henry James.


The Egoist

Editor: Richard Stevenson

The Egoist is George Meredith’s comic masterpiece, in which he takes the traditional marriage plot of English domestic fiction and turns it on its head.  This edition by Richard Stevenson includes an introduction  that provides context for the novel from Meredith’s own  life, his theory of comedy, the ‘woman question,’ and Darwinian  biology.  The appendices include comments on The Egoist from Meredith’s letters, contemporary reviews, Victorian tracts on feminine conduct and education along with extracts from J. S. Mill’s The Subjection of Women and Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man.

whalan.great war

The Great War and the Culture of the New Negro

Author: Mark Whalan

This is the first book to explore the wide-ranging significance of World War One to the culture of the Harlem Renaissance. Reading authors such as Langston Hughes, Nella Larsen, Alain Locke, James Weldon Johnson, and W.E.B. Du Bois, the book argues that the war served as a crucial event conditioning African American cultural understandings of masculinity, memory, and nationality in the 1920s and after. breast

The Green Breast of the New World

Author:  Louise Westling

In searching American literary landscapes for what they can reveal about our attitudes toward nature and gender, The Green Breast of the New World considers symbolic landscapes in twentieth-century American fiction, the characters who inhabit those landscapes, and the gendered traditions that can influence the figuration of both of these fictional elements.


The Letters of Jean Toomer

Author: Mark Whalan

Jean Toomer was a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance and in the  twentieth-century modernist movement, and this represents the first-ever  annotated collection of his correspondence. The letters included in the  volume were written in the five years surrounding Toomer’s publication  of his seminal work, Cane, and lend unique insight into the life,  aesthetics, politics, and work of a central figure in American  literature of the early twentieth century. (more…)

The Local News

Author:  Miriam Gershow

Miriam Gershow’s novel, The Local News, is the story of Lydia Pasternak, a bookish 15-year-old who struggles with the disappearance of the older brother she never really liked.

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