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Thank you for declaring as an English Major!  To complete the process, please physically perform the following steps:   

  1. Complete and print a paper copy of the Major Change Form,
  2. Meet with Dr. Corbett Upton, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies: 375 PLC  (office hours link) for major advising and to have the paper form signed.
  3. Return signed paper form to PLC 118.
  4. Press the SUBMIT button, below.


Disability Studies Minor LogoThank you for declaring as a Disability Studies Minor!   Make sure to click on the Submit button below.

Please feel free to meet with Dr. Betsy Wheeler,  ( Director of the University of Oregon Disability Studies Minor ( (telephone) 1-541-346-3929, (office) 375 PLC  (office hours link) for advising.

You can also follow this link for a list of courses which fulfill the Disability Studies Minor.