About Us

Each year more than 11,000 students enroll in the more than 475 courses offered by the English Department and Composition Program at the University of Oregon. Our emerging strengths are in environmental humanities, comics studies, medical humanities, digital humanities, and race and ethnicity. With over 60 full-time faculty members, we are committed to offering students a broad foundation in traditional British, American, and Anglophone literary studies, as well as intensive coursework in interdisciplinary studies, emerging media, and current critical methodologies.

Learn more about the people and programs of the English Department by exploring our website, or contact us via email. For information about Writing courses, including Writing 121, 122, and 123, click here.



The English program serves roughly 5,000 students and approximately 400 majors each year.

We offer 100-level introductory courses in film, poetry, world literature, and fiction. Courses at the 200-level introduce special areas of literary study, including everything from Shakespeare to film and media classes.These offer students the chance to engage in a variety of texts from diverse time periods, genres, and authors. Upper division courses offer students the chance to focus on depth and specialization. Most English courses range in size from 25 to 40 students, allowing students to enjoy a smaller class atmosphere and the chance to engage in lively discussion and analysis with their classmates. Click here for current course offerings.


Our faculty is affiliated with a wide variety of other university programs: