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University of Oregon

English Major Advising

The English major and minor expose students to centuries of cultural experience and representation in poetry, prose, drama, film, TV, new media, and folk artifacts. Students receive extensive training in writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. At the UO, English majors and minors take classes covering varied historical periods and literary traditions alongside classes in expository writing, cultural studies, theory, ecocriticism, film, and folklore. In addition to focusing and extending the values of a traditional liberal arts education, the skills gained in the English Major and Minor programs provide vital preparation for business and professional careers, as well as for further academic work or artistic endeavors. The experience of our graduates has proven that English is an excellent background for law, medicine, teaching, management, publishing, advertising and advanced technology fields.

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How to declare English as your Major:

  1. Complete and print the Major Change Form, to add/drop major.
  2. Meet with the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Corbett Upton in 375 PLC (office hours link) for advising and to have this document signed.

English Major Advisors:

  • Karen McClain, Undergraduate Secretary, for major and advising information: 118 PLC, (541) 346-1500.
  • Professor William Rossi, Director of Undergraduate Studies:, 363 PLC (office hours link) for major advising.
  • Dr. Corbett Upton, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies:, 375 PLC  (office hours link) for major advising.

English Major Advising Documents:

If you declared the English major in summer 2016 or later, refer to these documents for Major II.

If you declared the English major before summer 2016, refer to these documents for Major I.

IMPORTANT: All declared English majors are enrolled in the Canvas “English Department Information Site for Undergraduate Majors.” Please check this site frequently for timely announcements, course schedule information and events of interest to English majors. Click here to link to the UO Canvas login page..