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April 23, 2012

Other Others: Levinas, Literature, Transcultural Studies

Author:  Steven Shankman

Steven Shankman’s book Other Others: Levinas, Literature, Transcultural Studies looks at literary works from outside the Judeo-Christian tradition to test Levinas’s notion of “the Other.”

Global Bollywood

Author:  Sangita Gopal

Sangita Gopal’s Global Bollywood is an interdisciplinary collection describing the many roots and routs of the Bollywood song-and-dance spectacle. The essays offer a stimulating redefinition of globalization.

Early China/Ancient Greece

Editors:  Steven Shankman & Stephen Durrant

Steven Shankman’s book, Early China/Ancient Greece, co-edited with Stephen Durrant published by State University of New York Press, 2002, compares Chinese and Western thought and offers a bracing and unpredictable cross-cultural conversation.