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University of Oregon

2013-14 Graduate Course List

Please note that the courses listed in the schedules on the following PDF pages are subject to change.  The official schedule of classes is on Schedule of Classes (Duckweb)

600-Level Courses and Seminars


Fall 2013   Expanded Descriptions

ENG 607              Seminar: Narrative, Medicine & the Body                             / Wood, Mary

ENG 630               Renaissance Literature: Spenser’s The Faerie Queene                        / Rowe, George

ENG 650               19th Century Literature: Victorian London Geographies              / Kaufman, Heidi

ENG 660              American Literature: Latino/a Literature & US Environmental Thinking    / Vazquez, David

ENG 690              Introduction to Graduate Studies                           / Bovilsky

FLR 681                 History of Folklore Research                       / Wojcik, Daniel


Winter 2014   Expanded Descriptions

ENG 607               The Cultures of Climate Change   / LeMenager, Stephanie

ENG 614               Intro to Literary & Cultural Theory                            / Sayre, Gordon

ENG 630               Renaissance Literature: Early Modern Selfhood                 / Bovilsky, Lara

ENG 650               19th Century Literature:  Darwin & Thoreau                          / Rossi, William

ENG 695               Film Studies: Cinema & Modernity                           / Aronson, Michael

FLR 684               Folklore Fieldwork                           / Gilman, Lisa


Spring 2014  Expanded Descriptions

ENG 620               Medieval Literature: Human & Vulgarity in Medieval Literature                  / Bayless, Martha

ENG 645               18th Century Literature: Ballad Revival & Rise of Ethnopoetics                      / Dugaw, Dianne

ENG 650               19th Century LIterarure: 19th Century British Sensorium                   / Pyle, Forest

ENG 660               Seminar:Gwendolyn Brooks and African American Poetry Since 1900                / Ford, Karen

ENG 670               Contemporary Novels                           / Li, David

ENG 691               Composition Theory: Kenneth Burke & Rhetorical Criticism                          / Gage, John


Click here for course syllabi.